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Ilex cornuta x pernyi ‘Hugger’ - Test Holly for 2009 (one of four)

This male hybrid holly originated as a chance seedling, discovered by Charles Anderson in 2002 in his holly nursery in Owings Mills, Maryland. It is an excellent pollinator with very dark green foliage and an upright, pyramidal growth habit.
  Ilex cornuta x ciliospinosa ‘B51517’ - Test Holly for 2009 (two of four)
  This female holly is a cross of Ilex cornuta and I. ciliospinosa made by W. L Ackerman and J. L. Creech, but never formally named or introduced. The plant grows into an upright pyramid with glossy, quadrangular green leaves. It bears heavy clusters of red fruit on old wood.
  Ilex verticillata ‘Chickemmoo’ - Test Holly for 2009 (three of four)
  Polly Hill selected and named this cultivar of the native winterberry from a collection of seed on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. ‘Chickemmoo’ bears red fruit, and holds its color later in the season than many other winterberries.
  Ilex x attenuata 'Bronze Beauty' - Test Holly for 2009 (four of four)
  This plant was selected by Tom Dodd, Jr., and was introduced by the van der Giessen Nursery of Semmes, Alabama. The plant is similar to other Foster’s-type hollies, with an upright growth habit, but is expected to be smaller. Its distinctive feature is the bronze color of the new foliage. It is a female, but berries lightly.


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