Holly of the Year 2013


Longstalk holly is a plant that has a lot going for it. Its leaves are much like Mountain Laurel, Kalmia latifolia as the leaves are entire with no spines. The bright red berries are held on 2 inch stems that hang the fruit below the branches.

This holly grows slowly into a large shrub. It is reported to grow to a height of 30 feet but it is rarely that large, usually reaching a mature height of less than 20 feet. While this Ilex has bright green leaves, many plants have leaves that are pale green in the winter and early spring. The cultivar ‘New York Botanical Garden’ has dark green leaves that hold their color year round and produce large crops of red fruit. Another cultivar has variegated leaves and is slower growing. Male plants of the species are needed for pollination. Plant this holly in light shade to full sun in a soil that has good drainage but moderately moist. Hardiness is surprising, ranging from zone 5 to 7. If you admire holly your collection should not be without this beautiful plant.

The Gene Eisenbeiss Holly of the Year 2013
Ilex pedunculosa

Holly of the Year

Photo by William Cannon